Vintage Delight

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I finally had the chance to create something with my friend Linda K’s incredulous gift of vintage delight… Don’tcha love the fluorescent orange of the vintage flower??


I have a few more necklaces to show later after I photograph them… I had a two minute, makeshift photo session, by the light of the hotel window with the incredible vintage sheet music I got yesterday with my friend Linda B.


I have so much more to share from the weekend.. Have to sign off for today. I am favoring my shoulder… I seem to have done something to it that is making it challenging to create.


Have an amazing day!
Kris 🙂


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4 responses to “Vintage Delight

  1. Oh Kris! You have made my day!!!! I know you are super busy this weekend, but you still had time to create and share the love. I love this piece ~ so fun! Thank you!

  2. Put that arm in a sling!

  3. This necklace is gorgeous Kris! I love the vintage look and feel of what you are creating these days. You are an bona fide artist, a delightfully sincere person and a very special friend to me. I am so grateful for you and can’t wait to create with you someday! Smooches, Patti ❤

  4. Thanks so much Patti! I feel the same way about you! Look forward to that day that we can meet!! 🙂 Kris

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