An Indoor Slip & Slide?


I finally hopped through all of the amazing blog posts! I am so proud to be a part of this giveaway and honored to call these women friends! If you are looking for my Giving Flight, Giving Back post, please click here.

It is amazing that today is Wednesday already, the days are passing by so quickly.

I have to give you a little play by play of yesterday when I came home.



To put things in perspective, the finish on our tile floor is matte, not glossy!


And the evidence…



Splash splash…


One of my friends commented, if only we had a hidden camera!


Not necessary with my kids! They video themselves! It is about a four minute video, and no I will not be posting it on you tube, my luck it would probably go viral!!! It is pretty hilarious! it turns out Keegan was not involved, but both Kya and Sawyer had accomplices!

Some of my friends commented that I was a good sport about it… Well, I must say, it does not even come close to other similar events…
1. A brand new just opened $50 can of prescription formula spread all over Kya and Sawyer and my kitchen when they were 1 & 2.,, ( and we could not afford the formula that only lasted two days, yes, that is $750 per month for formula and yes I cried!!)

2. A large bag of movie theatre popcorn when they were toddlers that they discovered while we were sleeping!

3. Unzipping their Winnie the Pooh bean bag chairs and jumping on them releasing the stryrofoam balls across our living room (and the static electricity causing them to fly and stick all over).

In the end, the biggest message is, is it worth it to sweat the small stuff? Naw, there is much bigger stuff to sweat!

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday! 🙂 Kris

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One response to “An Indoor Slip & Slide?

  1. You and your crazy family! And they are coming down here this weekend?! Oh boy!

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