Oronoco: or Bust…

We woke up before the crack of dawn to journey to Oronoco, Minnesota. My eyes opened at 3am and refused to close, I think I was too jazzed up to sleep.

We hit the road a little past five and pulled into Oronoco shortly after 8.

I took a lot of photos this year… I was thinking of you and wishing you could join us…


This was the view that greeted us… It relates to the feeling of unopened packages at Christmas. I was giddy with excitement.

I am going to start by showing you some of my favorite finds…


These amazing letters are made out of vintage ceiling tin… Can you tell what they spell?

Yes! They spell JUNK BONANZA! This amazing vendor is also at the Junk Bonanza! (a quick plug for the Live, Love, JUNK retreat, we are going to have so much fun shopping, creating and connecting! I am excited to announce that there are now options for those who cannot stay the full three days! Click here for more info!)


The vendor is Faulkenberry Antiques & Designs and they make awesome items out of vintage ceiling tile & super cool lights out of metal and burlap…


Love the mirror!


And for my Chickie…


My next favorite find was this cabinet… I am deeply in like!


It is still for sale by the North Entrance for $500, tell them I sent ya!

And give it a hug for me! I promised myself that I was sticking to supplies this year and I am proud of myself for sticking to my guns despite the incredible visual assault.


Architectural elements are scattered throughout the town.


Gold Rush Days takes over the entire town of Oronoco, every crook and cranny is used for vendor spaces, food vendors and parking.


Here is a peeker… And a peek at a fabulously patina’d set of furniture.



The same booth had an incredible pergola…

Not an antique, but dynamic none the less.

I found these buckets… Really wish I had bought one for my sister.


This little vignette was photo worthy…


Some vendors have everything organized in containers and you can tell they do it for a living. Some vendors have a mishmash of boxes and you dig… Some just lay it all out there. I love the mishmash and the digging!


The weather could not have been more perfect… Sunny, a light breeze and 70 degrees. The first and only break I took was for a stir fry filled pita and a short rest on a shaded patch of grass.


I can’t say enough about my amazing helpers… Patient, helpful, supportive and my Chickie is the BEST finder… She knows exactly what I will like and she found most of the best finds of the day! At one time, Tom patiently waited for an hour while Kya and I filled a ziplock bag full of buttons, one at a time out of four incredible bins. I could have filled another one, but I didn’t think they were up for another hour!


A cute set of drawers.

Have luggage, must travel?


Random Vintage Love…


Love the bottles… Can you see them as pendant lights? But look at the awesome time worn & paint spilled finish of the table!


I swooned over this funky wired plant stand.


Love the vintage branding!


Nine plus hours of endurance shopping makes a chick-a-doodle tired.



And a dynamic sunset on our way home… Exhausted. Happy. Itching to create.

I’ll show you my loot tomorrow!
๐Ÿ™‚ Kris



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3 responses to “Oronoco: or Bust…

  1. Looks like an absolutely fabulous visit! Glad to hear it was fun! Can’t wait to see your loot!

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  3. I’m so jealous! I was wondering if you went there. MN has the coolest junking events;)

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