Happy Harvesting!


If you have a blog or website and you are a Pinterest addict, you are going to love this super cool link I found from Pinterest!

How to tell how many pins your site has has on Pinterest. I must tell you, I was amazed!

I am a sporadic Pinterest browser based on the free time I have available… I clicked on the link thinking I might have a hundred or so pins.


But gosh, I was so surprised to have over 1200!! 🙂 Wowzers!


Click here to try your own!

And thanks for pinning me!

Fall is Fast Approaching! My truck was parked outside yesterday and I kept hearing a tapping noise. I stepped outside to see what was going on…


This beautiful tree was the culprit. He was releasing his acorns for the squirrels to gather and my truck was in the way.


Lucky squirrels… I promptly moved my truck out of the way. 🙂


Happy Harvesting Squirrels!

I remember collecting acorns as a kid, and what a treasure it was to find a double!

Enjoy your beautiful August Friday!

🙂 Kris

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