Mind if I Hit the Pause Button?


Tomorrow I am excited to participate in my friend Lori Anderson’s Blog Soup Party. This is the second reveal and it is going to be so much fun!

Today is Friday. I am racing against two deadlines today… I hope I can make them both… The marathon continues.

I wanted to share a photo with you of my son Keegan’s shoes.

It is too precious for me to not share with you. It comes with a little bit of history, Tom has been a Michael Jordan fan since we started dating. As you know, it took us five years to have Keegan. When we finally had him, we discovered the sweetest Air Jordan shoes.

The other day, he found his shoes and said Mom, aren’t these my baby shoes? I had forgotten… I picked up his baby shoes and new school shoes, also Air Jordan’s and snapped a photo.


It kind of tugs at your heart. Keegan is a Freshman this year… It is so hard to believe. It makes it all the more real when you compare his shoes. My Air Jordan fans…

The photo is incredibly touching to me. This amazing child has walked a challenging road in the past 14 years with strength and dignity. His battle scars are only slightly visible. You wouldn’t know it when you meet him. His shoes look no different than anyone else’s.

I know that we all have our journey. I am excited for Keegan for his high school years, I sure would like to hit the pause button for a few years though!

🙂 Have an amazing Friday! 🙂 Kris

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