So Much Candy, So Little Time…


It was a productive trip to camp yesterday… I made six necklaces while visiting with my friend Chris, who was sweet enough to drive so I could work.

It was so much fun to pick up the kids.


Here are the kids posing at a popular tourist spot on the way to the candy store!


Here they are in the candy store, so much candy, so little time.


Someone wanted to take JB home, but I told her she is much too young for him.

I was so happy my friend Chris pulled over to snap some quick pics in the sunflower field… I broke my favorite flip flop, but it was so worth it!


I only wish all three of my kids were with.


I am off to the Minneapolis Gift Mart today. I am excited to be doing an event with the awesome staff at Priorities2, the Creative Co-op regional representatives.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!
🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “So Much Candy, So Little Time…

  1. I would have loved to stop in that sunflower patch! Have a great day!t

  2. Oh I love Rafferty’s Pizza! We didn’t get to go there this year when we stayed in Nisswa – It is one of my husbands favorite pizza places!

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