A Fairly Good Place For Quite Some Time


Rise & Shine! It was a very short night of sleep, but so worth it. Last night we met some friends at our new local Tiki Bar and proceeded to an amazing dinner at Fisher’s Club, tagline: A Fairly Good Place For Quite Some Time.

Cracks you up, doesn’t it? If you ever get a chance to go there for dinner, I highly recommend it! But please make reservations! It’s better than fairly good and has been around since 1932!

The restaurant is lakeside, seasonal and feels like a cottage… The wall paper is secured with tacks, gorgeous wood floors and walls and beautiful craftsmanship. It really feels like walking into the past. Gives me a feel for my Grandparents cottage.


I can’t recall when we laughed so hard or had such fantastic food! An incredible night with great friends!

The drive home was a bit sketchy!! A sudden thunderstorm, high winds and rain showers made driving remind me of my racing days…

I cranked the music when we saw branches rolling by! But we made it home safe and sound, so thankful I spent most of the evening drinking water.

I am so excited to pick my kidlets up from camp!

I hope you enjoy your Saturday! 🙂 Kris

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One response to “A Fairly Good Place For Quite Some Time

  1. Nice to hear you have managed a balance with love, life, and work! Thanks!

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