Heavy Duty Crown

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I was browsing through my photos… Fresh out of new creations to show you…

When I realized that I had not shown you this crown…


It’s heavier duty than other crowns I have made – for those moments that require a heavy duty crown {laughing at myself!}. Well, ya just never know when you are going to need a HD crown! I was a girl scout after all, so “be prepared” still rings true!

It’s pretty quiet at home… I have to admit, even though it is still years away, I do not think I will transition to an empty nester very gracefully. Kya and Sawyer are still at camp and Keegan left yesterday for the weekend at his friend’s cabin.

I truly love spending alone time with my husband, we have not had two days with just the two of us in fourteen years! But inside I have this deep longing to hug my kids… Do you think I am in trouble?


Speaking of kids… Got postcards today from the chick-a-doodle… She cracks me up. She always tells us that she doesn’t have time to miss us at Elk’s camp, because they are too busy! (I love that!)

So on the post card she writes (and you have to know her sense of humor!) Having fun at camp. Miss you, Not!

And then she sent Grandma & Grandpa a card to our address and wrote:
Miss you more that I miss my parents, ha ha!


It totally cracked me up! Little goofball!

Super excited to pick them up tomorrow morning!

Well, I better get some work done! I hope you have an incredible day!
🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Heavy Duty Crown

  1. I didn’t handle the empty nest very well either. Even when they were terrible teens, I liked having my kiddles around. Both mine left at the same time…no bueno. But, you’ve still got awhile!

  2. Empty nest is no fun. EXCEPT, you have more time to create:)

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