Bead Soup Fixin’s


The hustle and bustle of the weekend has been fun so far… Thankfully events seem to be spaced out just enough that we are not at a frantic pace!

Sawyer’s audition Friday night for the Mn State Fair Talent Show was fantastic. I was so proud of him! He got up on stage at 12 years old and had his first ever musical glitch… The cd would not play… Horrifying for a Mom & Dad to watch. Tom rushed back stage while I brought a backup cd to the sound technician (so thankful for listening to my instinct on making two cd’s… So grateful! Not sure what we would have done!).

He waited back stage for two more performers and bravely stepped on the stage again! I was so incredibly proud of him.

I alway record his performances and load them to YouTube. As we started on the almost two hour drive home, I tried to play my video and it had disappeared. Thankfully Tom also video’d, so I will share his. His version is a few beats into the song since he had to run from back stage to our seats! I have to figure how to upload from his phone, but I will share it soon!

Keegan’s team was in district playoffs for baseball and faced the Cold Spring team they beat in the Championship game of playoffs. They lost and the season is officially over.

I am so exited to reveal my bead soup fixin’s that I received from my partner, Pam Hurst of Pam Hurst Designs. Her work is beautiful, intricate and I am in awe!

My professional package opener (Kya), opened the exciting package for me and this is what we found:


A cute box with Pam’s branding on it!


Sweet packaging with everything in cute little bags.


This fabulous assortment of gemstones, sterling and Pam’s handmade gorgeous focal. It would look beautiful on its own as you can see, I laced it through some Matt black chain.


This is a view of the back… Is is super cool on it’s own, so I will be making something reversible.

Our reveal date is August 11, but the first reveal is happening now… Go to my friend Lori’s blog to hop along.

Check out my friend Hilary’s post too! She has a great reveal!

This morning we are bringing Sawyer and Kya to camp for a week. It’s going to be kind of quiet around home this week.

Have a great Sunday! 🙂 Kris

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One response to “Bead Soup Fixin’s

  1. Good morning! Wow! Sawyer was very brave in a most awkward moment. Good thing you trusted your instinct and a had a back-up ready! Congrats to Keegan on a great baseball season! Thanks for the shout-out! Cool pendant! I can’t wait to see what you make with your soup!

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