Fun & Funky!


Thank you so much for your feedback on my image size! I agree with you! I like the larger images, I wasn’t sure that I could use the lower res without sacrificing quality or size… But it appears that I should be fine with the large size. Please let me know if you notice a change. Thanks!! You guys are so awesome!

A Quick Highlight! Registration is still open for the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat. This month the instructor highlight features:Rachel Payne. Click here for the story & a video.

I had to chuckle at the title of my blog yesterday… As I started getting your awesome feedback (the title is prominent in the email), I kept cracking up because it sounded like my Todo list was attacking me, not the other way around! Well, I had a little payback and I am happy to say that I made a lot of progress on my list yesterday! Quite a ways to go, but progress feels good!


I had a request to make a bracelet… I love the story behind it. You know how you always say ” Love you more”… I know my sister and I do, often we shorten it to LUM, especially on texts and emails. Well this sweet daughter and her Mom have shortened it over the years to “More”. A fun and funky way to say I love you! She asked me to make a bracelet that says MORE on it for her Mom’s birthday. Love it!


Happy Friday! 🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Fun & Funky!

  1. Love the images; love the bracelet and sentiment. Funny, my daughter always says LUM to me, too! Love is truly all that matters….But clicking off your ToDo list does feel very satisfying too!

  2. Rhonda, you are so right!! Love LUM! We also use. 143

    It means I Love You! It’s the number of letters in the words!

    I (1)
    Love (4)
    You (3)

    143! Have a great day!

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