Everything Looks Better in the Morning!

Reminiscing about this necklace I sold last year and wishing I had taken a better photo of it! That vintage element is still on of my all time fav’s !

It was quite the day yesterday! I drove Kya and her friend to Hockey camp at The University of Minnesota – Duluth… 4 hours with road construction.


Duluth made national news recently with devastating flash floods… We did see some destruction, but it is amazing how some parts of the city appear untouched.

It it a totally unreal feeling bringing my 11 year old to college dorms and leaving!


I drove away at 8:15 pm…
Just before lights out, I was on the phone with her and she cracked her head on the concrete wall. It was a tough night for both of us as I debated going to check her out (well actually turned around) (and then turned around again!). Thankfully…it always looks better in the morning and in the end, she decided that she is okay and going to stay! But it was a long tearful night.

I am so proud of her, it was a tough decision for her to make! ( and even tougher to not get up in the morning and go get her!)


It is a great life lesson though, everything seems to look better in the morning! Have a great day! 🙂 Kris

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  1. A mother’s heart…..

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