Fun Monday Mornings!




I had help this morning taking photos by the window… I do believe he wanted the photo shoot to be all about him.


This photo is one of my favorites from the weekend. This is Kya’s Flames fastpitch softball team after winning during the tournament yesterday. I called it the Flames Victory Circle. Super cute!


I have more to show you from the weekend, just not enough time to blog about it this morning.

Hope your Monday is fun!! 🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Fun Monday Mornings!

  1. Dolores

    Gorgeous necklace as always. Your helper is definitely posing for pictures this morning and looks great too.

  2. Lovely piece and I love the look on the cat’s face, too!

    Btw, I read your blog in my Google Reader, and the pictures are HUGE! I see them regular size on your blog, but super big in the feed. Thought you might like to know.

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