Yes, I am a Jewelry Junkie!


Here is a quick shot of one of my favorite layering pieces lately.

I generally wear it as my longest or second longest layer… But lately, i have worn it on an 18″ chain too… Three necklaces you ask? Yes, and I am not even apologizing! 🙂

Part of being a jewelry junkie is living it {huge grin}… I don’t claim that title lightly. Recently I found a photo of myself from the early 90’s… I was wearing black boots (still do, might be a boot junkie too) and I had created my own pearl boot bracelet… Someday I’ll show you the photo, but I’ll have to work you into it, because the big hair might be a shock! 🙂

You know it’s probably severe when one of your husband’s friends calls you gadget! Loved that nickname!


Yesterday was another scorcher… Last night we thought we would take the kids to the beach… Still amazed at how a photo captures the beauty of the evening…

My intention was that I would create jewelry while the kids swam… But I must admit, we had a sudden temperature change and a direct wind off the lake and it went from sweltering to freezing.

I wrapped myself up in a blanket & Tom got cozy in the extra sweatshirts… The kids swam… And we didn’t complain!

The kids moved on to the park… I have to tell you that I really love that my teenager and almost teenager and their friends are not too cool to be kids!


My sweet husband is also not too cool to be a kid either!! {serious grin}

I was holding my breath as they were swinging sideways!


The belly laughter was priceless!

Hoping you have plenty of belly laughs this weekend!

🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Yes, I am a Jewelry Junkie!

  1. You better trademark that name “jewelry junkie”! It’s perfect for you! Glad to see the heat isn’t slowing you down!

  2. Now that’s what I call family fun! And Hilary is right — trademark that!

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