Flea Market Finds & Serious Pearlescent Sheen


Today i am going to give you a recap of Saturday’s flea market visit…


The weather was sunny, hot and humid…


I have to show you a photo of the restrooms… They were silo’s… With running water. I must say they were a refreshing choice vs. portable bathrooms.


I have to show you an inside shot of the women’s… It was almost artsy inside.


Love the vintage glass!


There is something for everyone there… Keegan spotted a baseball bat… Used, but the paid $250 last year & he got it for $12.


Isn’t that a great smile???


On the way home, the boys spotted this three wheel golf cart looking thing… They had to stop and take a look!

And for my loot… I was so happy to find two new jewelry racks for my jewelry since one of my racks has been broken and wobbly for quite some time.


They are shorter than my last displays so they will fit more easily in my vehicle.


I was intrigued by these handmade vintage collars…


Love, love, love the shine and texture on the pearls!


Always love myself a little bling!


Found some funky textiles!


And a little bit of random love…


That’s some serious pearlescent sheen!

Have a fabulous holiday week!
🙂 Kris


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6 responses to “Flea Market Finds & Serious Pearlescent Sheen

  1. Love that shine, and nice choker design! (Goes with everything….:) It’s fantastic that your kids have acquired your love of Junking and quite the knack of bargaining! Must be a saying, like “The family that Junks together….” well, fill in the blank with a warm but funny sentiment. My “Punmeister” isn’t working this morning! LOL!!
    Thanks for sharing! My pulse rate always quickens seeing great Junk!

  2. helensadornmentsblog

    Really love those big pearls against the wire. Very creative. The flea market looks like it was tons of fun and you found some great pieces.

  3. LOVE going to flea markets. I really love your pearl collar and all your good finds!

  4. Yes!!! Love it !! The family that junks together… Stays together! Hee hee! Wish you could join us!

  5. Thanks Helen! I fell in love with the pearls & my hubby gave me a look and said, I would have never picked that out for you!! Sometimes the designs just happen! So much fun!

  6. Thanks Carol! I do as well! You just never know what you will discover! 🙂

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