Bead and Button Show.


Happy Saturday! Hilary and i are wrapping up our last day in Milwaukee at the Bead and Button Show.


I am not sure where the time has slipped away to…


Moments filled with giggles…

Happy hours pounding the pavement…

Lots of pavement…
Shopping, sourcing, matching, giggling, connecting, and admiring incredible artistry!


We received gifts in our bags and I must say my all time favorite gift is the teeny tiny Wubbers. It is so adorable. There is a broad range of jewelry tools available for someone like me… Over the years I have gone through many pair of tools… Especially round and flat nose pliers. It dawned on me that it was two years ago I bought my Wubbers… They have traveled with me everywhere I have gone for two years… Working almost every single day. There has rarely been a single day when they have been given a reprieve.

That is approximately 730 days of continuous use… And not only are they still working, they have shown no sign of wear. The wire I use is some of the hardest wire out there. I love my Wubbers and so you can imagine my joy to find a teeny tiny Wubbers!


Yesterday we took a Vintaj class working with metal patinas… Melting pot products and filigree jewelry. I didn’t expect to enjoy the melting as much as I did. There are endless possibilities. I will share my photos soon.

The evening hours passed quickly… Thursday night was an amazing dinner with my friends Linda and Hilary. I am so lucky to have talented and inspiring friends.

Last night’s dinner was great fun… In shared company of a group of girls that I have never met (with the exception of my friend Hilary!) and through the miracle of the Internet, we had the joy of connecting. It was an amazing group of women and I look forward to introducing you soon!

Well, I better get packing… Hope your Saturday is relaxing and fun.

πŸ™‚ Kris


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6 responses to “Bead and Button Show.

  1. Ann Sherwood

    Kris, it was great to meet you and take a look at your amazing pieces in person. I am going to try and follow your blog but I’m a sporadic follower so make sure you let me know when your class in Lake Geneva is.

  2. Ann, it was so much fun meeting you!! Here is the link to my events! I certainly hope you can join us.
    Have a fun day today! πŸ™‚ Kris

  3. Yahoo! Sweet post! Had a great time with you in Milwaukee! I hope to do it again next year!! XO

  4. Hilary, I agree! I can’t wait until next year! It was an amazing time! Thanks so much for traveling with me! πŸ™‚ you are so much fun! πŸ™‚ Kris

  5. Lori, it was so much fun meeting you! Looking forward to the Bead Soup Signup!

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