Bottles Galore


I am so excited, i bought some very precious bottles of my Grandpa’s at my Aunt’s garage sale yesterday. I remember walking in the woods with my Grandpa, unearthing some of the most amazing bottles, I am convinced they are the same bottles.


The bottles are sitting in a drawer that is from a sewing machine cabinet, it is such a beautiful drawer.


The aged rusty lid on this bottle provides such happy memories, I can still smell the earth and feel the thickness of the dirt as you slide it off the bottle.


I had to take a number of photos…

I also bought a couple of really cool old rustic cabinets. I can’t wait to share them with you!

I get up in a half hour to get ready to depart for the Bead and Button Show… I am so excited I can’t sleep!



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3 responses to “Bottles Galore

  1. Hillary

    What a great memory to have of your grandfather and fabulous bottles to display and remind you of that terrific experience!

  2. Kya

    I miss you!!

  3. Thanks Hil! An awesome Memory! I miss you too chickie! Love you!

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