Divide and Conquer


It was a very fun day at the Minneapolis Gift Show. I really admire representatives for their grueling job… Long hours at shows and even longer hours on the road. It was fun to hear the feedback on the new jewelry line and be able to share a few of the fun details about my jewelry that isn’t obvious from a glance.

From there, it was a mad dash to baseball… Oh what an incredible night.

It was a perfect night for baseball and creating in the sunshine. There is a major difference in weather between spring and summer ball in Minnesota, yippppieeee, so happy for summer ball!

Divide and conquer is our motto for our summer nights, Kya and Keegan play on the same nights so unfortunately, I will not see many of Kya’s games since Tom is coaching… until weekend tournaments.


I hope you are enjoying your summer days… The sunlight warming your skin and making your heart happy! 🙂 Kris

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