Swirling Vintage Pearls Necklace


Good morning…

The house is quiet this morning. I am working on some Creative Co-op details… I am about 4 hours in with about 14 left. As I was working on my computer I suddenly realized that I was working in the dark… I hear occasional thunder with the steady pitter patter of falling rain.

The rain helps me relax, but I feel for all of the excited campers out there, a bit of a damper to the Memorial Day Weekend camping trips… Hopefully the sun will shine for you soon!

I personally am a hotel/cabin camper. 🙂 I am finally owning it!

I have been debating… Run and get groceries in the rain or stay cuddled up working on my laptop and let my family scrounge out of the empty cupboards…

You are right, guess I better get moving. The lines should be short, right?

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Kris 🙂

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One response to “Swirling Vintage Pearls Necklace

  1. Storms here too, stay safe and warm! (Peanut butter and jelly is always a nutritious and satisfying winner!) Hugs!

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