Oh My Poor iPhone…

Hello Friends…

Yesterday, my companion for 21 months had an accident…

Don’t be too alarmed, it was my iphone…

This baby went everywhere with me… stuck by my side…

woke me up,

kept me on schedule,

allowed me to check email,

and respond,

find my kids,


find my way in the dark,

work when I couldn’t sleep,

take photos,

manage my photos,

save money,

find my car,

search for anything online,

follow blogs,

access facebook,

list on etsy,


the only thing it didn’t help me do is clean my house!

In an artistic way, the swirls of broken glass are kind of pretty.

It still lights us and works, but you can’t read the texts or messages… My brother in law has offered to fix the screen. I have been coveting my upgrade for the 5 that is supposed to be released soon.

So, my photo taking skills will be limited in the next few days, I have photos for a few blog posts… So the race is on!

In the end, it is only a materialistic item, but one that makes my life so much easier!

Hope you have a great day! Kris 🙂


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3 responses to “Oh My Poor iPhone…

  1. carolbray047

    I just got my first iphone this past winter while in FL and already I can’t imagine ever being without one again. I love it and all that it does. I can almost feel the loss you’re feeling! Hope you can get if fixed until the 5 comes out!

  2. You’re a poor dear. I’d be lost w/o mine!

  3. Kris,
    Miss the pictures of Your beautiful creations • HOWEVER< this Blog Post was SO Real and sure that all of us can relate. Had me giggling • not at Your expense just at HOW Much we depend on them.
    Heres to the next Baby 🙂 Hugs and Miss You!

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