Happy Mother’s Day!


This morning I lay awake, with my family sleeping, reflecting on the past and the years that led to celebrating Mother’s Day. So many emotions surface.

Today I celebrate my Mom, who is surviving and living her life to the fullest… Four years since her cancer diagnosis and and incredibly courageous battle with cancer. I have so much respect for her, thank her for all she has given me and the many sacrifices through her life… Sacrifices that I would not even begin to realize without having been a Mom myself.


Today I also empathize with all of the women in pain that have such a strong desire to become a Mom… It is a painful day for so many… If you know someone who has struggled, please be extra caring to them today.

Today I celebrate my dear and amazing cousin Mia, for without her I could not celebrate this day… After five years and five miscarriages we have three amazing children… They are my greatest gift.

Today I celebrate so many amazing Moms in my life… My sister and my friends who are selfless, dedicated and amazing.

I hope you have an amazing day! To my Mom… Thank you for all you have given and given… Love you!

Happy Day! 🙂 Kris


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3 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Lovely, Kris. How nice of you to remember those who are struggling to become mothers.

  2. Jennifer Maroney

    What a lovely post! As one of those who would have loved to have been a mom, I thank you so very much! And it was wonderful seeing you yesterday and I adore my new ring! Happy Mother’s Day Kris!

  3. Beautiful post by a beautiful mother.

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