Tweet. Tweet.


A spring-a-licious bird…


Tweet. Tweet.


There has been quite a bit of rain, so we haven’t heard many birds singing in the past couple of days. But spring is in the air with the excitement of Prom.

Yesterday was Senior Prom for my darling niece Bailey… It is incredibly hard to believe that she is graduating this year…

It seems like she was four years old, just a few years ago. She renamed herself Flower and Insisted that we call her Flower for about a year. It was awesome!

Last year for prom she had a beautiful princess dress. This year she decided to jazz it up a bit and be more unique… I got to take part in the prep by doing her eyes. She had a photo for me to work from… Her photo was using gold leaf, but she selected silver leaf. I had to do a little exploring to find a product that would keep the leaf on her skin… We found a body tattoo product for kids that you normally use with glitter…

She looked incredibly beautiful!

I am looking forward to sharing some pics from the photographer my sister had so you can see close ups. Here are a few snapshots.


I got a quick photo of them as they entered the school.


And here is a photo of them with my Chick-a-doodle.

I am gearing up for Craftstravaganza… Please join us next Saturday at the MN State Fairgrounds for a show filled with incredible talent.

I hope you can enjoy happy birds singing in the sunshine. 🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Tweet. Tweet.

  1. Hi Kris, First of all LOVE the Bird Theme.
    Beautiful Jewelry! However, the prettiest of all was the Prom Pictures!
    Such Beauty!!! Thanks for Sharing as that was So Special!
    Know they had a great and memorable time.
    LOVE the choice of Flowers 🙂 Hugs to YOU!

  2. How beautiful! They sure do grow up fast!!

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