Contrast Makes Me Happy


The contrast of the white milk glass vintage beads and the dark wire really floats my boat…(sorry, my Mom use to use that phrase when I was a kid, it really makes me happy!). The vintage element in the center feels a little like it is floating.


Speaking of floating, a friend posted on Facebook, “I have an iboat and it’s syncing.” It totally cracked me up!

Today I ran a flower delivery to a neighboring town, and I took a quick half an hour to myself to browse.


I really could spend hours there, but usually only have a few moments.

While I adore their hardware selection…


I could spend even more time in the back yard…


It was a beautiful springalicious day. I stocked up on supplies for Live, Love Junk! Linda and I are going to have a fun sneak peek to some of the possibilities we can creat with fun and funky finds!


Have a fantastic day! 🙂



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5 responses to “Contrast Makes Me Happy

  1. Yay! What a yummy looking place! One more week from today — meetup!! I can’t wait;D

  2. fryestyle

    I like the color contrast too! Floats my boat…sweet!

  3. Love your creations, Kris, but gotta tell you, it was the “junk” that had me drooling the most…I think my husband is glad we don’t live near a place like that!

  4. bloomstudio

    thanks for doing the delivery 🙂

  5. Oh, how fun!!!!
    I recognize this haunt and have shopped there for about 13+ years… Used to rent a cabin down the way each Summer and it was always a ritual to go buy vintage elements, hardware and such for redesign here. Bought them out at one point and always have found great pricing. What a fun 1/2 hour you were able to steal away to search and rescue lost elements for redesign. I had a wonderful day yesterday in another favorite haunt doing just that and am always amazed at the continuation of cool things out there to design with. Love what we do… So blessed!

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