Hot vs. Cold


Pictured are more photos of some of the jewelry I made for Sarurday night…

I wore the top pendant with a long chain and the rest of the chains layered choker style with the necklace I posted yesterday.

Kicking myself for not taking a photo!

It was a big day yesterday! I finalized my docs for my classes that were due, created some fun stuff with my junkin’ finds for Live, Loce, Junk. I did not get the video done. I am feeling nervous about it! I am just about ready to try it!

Little Chickie had a muffin fix this weekend. She was craving chocolate chip muffins.


She made a batch Saturday and on Sunday.


She learned the difference between using hot vs. cold water in the mix (1st pic) and hot water (2nd pic). The chocolate chips melted immediately in the hot! 🙂

It was a joint mistake, I had just used the hot water and she never tested it! The muffins made with the cold water were much tastier!

May Monday be kind to you as you ease into the start of a new week!
🙂 Kris

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One response to “Hot vs. Cold

  1. Kris, those pieces are killer beautiful! Very regal!

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