Livin’, Lovin’, Junkin’


It was a fabulous Friday. Other than a meeting with my artist friends in the morning being cancelled, my day was delightful.

I worked around home in the morning, ran to an Antique shop to prep for my video for Live Love Junk...


I forgot to take photos of my purchases, but you will see them when the video is complete!


I bought most of my junk from this bin…
It charges me up to work on a new project and I can’t wait to share it with you!

On my way to an appointment, my friend Cindy called with news that this sweet lady who sold me some vintage costume jewelry was in town. I got to meet her and pick up a large bag of jewelry.


For me, it is like Christmas morning to go through a bag of jewelry like this! I am still giddy!

And finished the evening on a date with my husband and friends. It has been months since we have had a night together!

Happy Saturday! I need to get to work! Have a fun filled day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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5 responses to “Livin’, Lovin’, Junkin’

  1. You are so lucky to have such an awesome place to shop. I haven’t come across any decent places like that in WI. Can’t wait to see what you bought:)

  2. Wow! Nothing ike that out here, either! I would be in hog heaven!

  3. Rhonda F

    Your class/retreat looks like great fun! Wish I could come….

  4. Linda,

    I do have to drive 45 minutes for this shop, but I knew they had what I needed! πŸ™‚ there is great antiquing in MN! πŸ™‚

  5. You would love it Janet!! Hope you guys can shop with me sometime!

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