Spring Rain

Waiting for green…

To magically appear…


Spring rain should help!

(photo credit by Kya) “Mom, you should see how pretty it is outside! I love that my kids are starting to appreciate the beauty of nature!

🙂 Cheers to joy in your heart today!

🙂 Kris


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7 responses to “Spring Rain

  1. Rhonda F

    Just Love that color!

  2. Ria

    I hope the rains bring some beautiful greenery to you! I can’t wait for that to start happening here, too. I love the spring explosion!

  3. Thank Rhonda! It is a fun color! 🙂

  4. Thanks Ria! I love the explosion of spring colors! Hope you get to enjoy it soon!

  5. Kris, this is the necklace I just bought from you. I am wearing it right now, and I love it! Once I got it home, I realized I am have subconsciously picked it because the beads could easily represent a mama and two babies!!!

  6. That was supposed to read, “I may have subconsciously . . .”
    The point is, I love the necklace, and I thank you!

  7. Thanks Briana~
    I am so excited for you! Love that it does look like it represents a Mom and her two babies! So excited for you! Thanks so much! 🙂 Kris

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