Forever Flowers


A trio of forever flowers, wired into a pendant… Created on the fly watching volleyball yesterday. This is my favorite…


20120318-121252.jpg the above photo of the girls is their cheer, they lay in a circle on the ground pounding their hands on the gym floor. Pretty cute.

They had an awesome day yesterday. They played up a level and for their first tournament, they split two matches, lost one. In playoffs they beat the Team from our town that is a year older to move onto the championship game. Then they lost in three games to take second. Fun stuff.

An update on baby Bill… I can hear him cooing as I blog. He woke up seven times between 11 and 5 this morning. Finally Keegan said, I am waiting FOREVER to have a baby. I guess it’s working!

Got to run to a flea market this morning for a little while…


My treasures…


It was a great start to a Sunday.

Have marvelous week! Kris


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3 responses to “Forever Flowers

  1. Love the Cute pics of the girls AND the Flower Necklaces ARE Beautiful.
    Spring is in the AIR!

  2. Rhonda F

    Wish I could go junkin’ with you one day!

  3. Ha!! Good for Keegan! (Bad for grandma, but don’t tell him that now.)

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