Today is a Spring-a-licious day despite the fact that spring has not officially arrived…

Todays forecast predicts highs of 63 degrees Fahrenheit, unseasonably warm for Minnesota, but very welcome!

The funkadelic necklace above was created from a flower made from an old file cabinet… I wired a smaller flower and turned it into a pendant for a perfect spring day!

I promised to show you more of my loot from last weekends buying trip…


A bright and whimsical collection.


O-rings and crystals in bright happy colors…


A pair of seriously bright vintage earrings….

A vintage necklace and earrings…

A joyful collection of buttons… A girl can never have too many!


Love this selection of cuffs, chain and vintage silverware pendants!

And this super cool selection of vintage elements…
I hope you have enjoyed my tour, as you can see, I had three straight hours of shopping enjoyment.

I hope your day today is Spring-a-licious! 🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Spring-a-licious

  1. Lori Ackerman

    I think I need to go shopping with you next time! Great stash!

  2. Rhonda F

    Love the title of your post, and your goody piles! Looks ‘licious to me!

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