An O and I Affliction


This whimsical bird is ready for spring… She is bursting with color and is on a mission to spread joy and happiness… She sends hope and good spirits to you all.

I have to share my affliction with you…
I guess the first step is admitting it… I have an O and I Affliction. Have you heard of it? Do you have it too?

I generally blog from my iPhone, it is so much more convenient for me, especially since I take my photos with my phone. My affliction begins with the inability to hit the O with precision, as a result I end up with unwanted words with I’s in them.

To my kids and family I text: I live you. (well, at least it’s true, I live and love them!). However, I quickly get a respond that they live me too! Lol

Often I type
if rather than of
tii rather than too
hipe rather than hope.

Texting hockey updates, I texted something other than shot!

I was just curious if I am the only one affected. 🙂

Sending you joy and happiness as you await the arrival of spring.



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3 responses to “An O and I Affliction

  1. What a cute necklace, kind of like the one I got… 🙂

  2. Rhonda F

    That is just too funny, Kris! OMgoodness…..I don’t text much, have a qwerty keyboard, so if I hit the wrong key, it’s just me! Glad you and your family have yet another thing to share and laugh about!

  3. carolyn

    I LOVE this one! Is it available to purchase?

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