Vintage Button Love


There is a happy sensory feeling about putting your hand in a jar of vintage buttons, collected one by one over the years by a loving mother of a large family doing her part conserving for her family. Often there will be shreds of thread or even swatches of fabric attached… If only the buttons could share the stories of the sweet children playing by the stream or Grandmas loving hands baking bread.

As I create with vintage joy, I often wonder about the story of each element that I create with.


This necklace includes vintage buttons, a crystal, pearl and beautiful rose carved bead swirled with wire and finished with a remnant of ribbon.

Do you have special mementos from your family history that you treasure?

Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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3 responses to “Vintage Button Love

  1. Hi Kris,
    I LOVE Buttons and Your latest creations Honor such a large part of History.
    As always, You once again create something Beautiful while bringing it clost to home…….hugs to You

  2. I love vintage buttons, I have two old chocolate tins with buttons in that I love looking through. Love what you have done with your buttons.

  3. Rhonda F

    My family was poor, working rocky farm ground in the Appalachians. Nothing ever went to waste. Jars and jars of buttons cut off from the clothing that had seen it’s day filled my Grandma’s sewing corner. So precious, bits of my mother’s old childhood dresses…then, the cloth that remained was made into utiliatarian quilts. Old nylon stockings were braided for rugs. Those were the things that made a house a home, kept the heart fires burning, and kept worried hands busy until better days came along. Love your buttons, and the “thread” of your post!

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