Divine Patina


I wish you could see the worn painted patina of this escutcheon… The green color tones are divinely beautiful. I paired them with some dimpled green glass pearls and a retro vintage key.


I have been not been feeling great the past few days. My sweet adorable children got home from school, put their aprons on (they haven’t used their aprons for quite some time!) and waited on me hand and foot. They created a fantastic meal of fettuccini alfredo, brought it in on a serving tray complete with a napkin and silverware, and to top it all off, they didn’t argue one time! It was such a sweet gift!


May your day be filled with sweet gifts! 🙂 Kris


Filed under Cherish Designs Jewelry, Jewelry By Kris Lanae

2 responses to “Divine Patina

  1. I hope you feel better today! Take care! (and enjoy the special treatment!)

  2. Rhonda F

    That truly is a divine patina, Kris! Love the green pearls, but hate to hear you’re under the weather…Rest up and enjoy the TLC… I have been collecting some escutcheon’s myself for the past few years…hoping to learn some soldering skills so I can let my ideas flow wild…

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