Spirits Restored


The patina on this vintage christmas tree candle holder is so amazing. The bluesy metal tones matched perfectly with the blueish metallic crystal that I wired and swirled into the design.

Yesterday our girls lost their game 3-4 in double overtime in the Regional Playoffs ending their hockey season. They played so well and fought hard. It was a joy to watch them work as team and hard to watch them come off the ice, emotion on their sleeves, and for some, tears streaming. As sad as I am for them, and as much as I wanted them to go to state, there is a sense of relief that hockey is over for the year and our normal life will resume!

Their spirits were restored after swimming in the pool and spending time as friends hanging at the hotel!

Today is a new day, filled with possibility. We are thankful for the experiences of yesterday and grateful for the fun ahead!

Enjoy your day! 🙂 Kris


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4 responses to “Spirits Restored

  1. Love, love the necklace! The patina is gorgeous. And what a sweet story.

  2. Rhonda F

    Learning to accept loss is as important as learning to win…glad the girls moved on and enjoyed themselves…What a fun piece!

  3. Wow! They should be so proud! Quite the fight!

    I sure dig those patinated metal pieces. Such character.

  4. Hi Kris,
    Sorry for the “loss” however, love that You said their Spirits returned with a “Pool Visit”….think there is much for us to all learn from Children and their Ability to bounce back and to Focus on the MOMENT!….hugs and Yes, The Blessings of the Day!

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