Eye Black is the New Black


I created this necklace using repro vintage filigree… I selected some vintage and fun finds and wired swirls. I then layered the two for a completed look…

Is it wrong to say filigree brings me joy?

Last night the girls lost their first game in Regional Playoffs… 0-1

We got into the spirit of the game… For three years the girls have been putting eye black below their eyes…


It’s pretty cute! Keeping in mind that they are 11 & 12 years old!

Yesterday they convinced the Mom’s to get in the spirit! It might have started with the two of us…

20120303-063658.jpg I have to say, our girls were pretty convincing… If you know me, you would know that it is not something I would do without a whole lotta begging!

By game time, we had all the Mom’s, Grandma’s and siblings decked out in eye black… It was pretty funny!


We started the game off being down by one goal, the ref even told our goalie he didn’t know how it went in… But the score remained 0-1 the remainder of the game…

They played hard… They have to fight back with all they have today to stay in the playoffs!

Their first loss in season play and they have some tough competition ahead! Hope you enjoy the gift of your day today!

🙂 Kris


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5 responses to “Eye Black is the New Black

  1. Kris, you look pretty cute with the eye black! You may have started a new trend.

  2. Sweet! Kick butt today!

  3. Kris, it’s so YOU! Way to get in the spirit!

  4. Rhonda F

    What a hip Mom! You sure stay in the swing of things, and it looks like you are having as much fun as they are! Keep it going!

  5. helensadornmentsblog

    Loved that necklace. I have two girls and we are into sports too. Hope they have a great season.

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