Snow Days and Smithereens!


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Spring snowstorms are brewing… While the birds were singing and the snow was melting, local news channels are abuzz with Winter Weather Advisories. Starting at 3 today, snow is expected to arrive, with 10-15 inches predicted. My kids are giddy and hoping for a snow day!

I was creating some birds and flowers as I was feeling like spring was on its way… I think it may have taken a slight detour!

The other day Sawyer told me I had to see the beautiful ice… I asked him to take a photo of it for me because I love to see it from their view point!


It was beautiful! It makes me smile when my children discover the artistic beauty in the world.

And speaking of artistic beauty, you may never guess what this is a photo of…


Have you had a chance to guess? It’s my son Keegan’s hockey mouth guard, chewed to smithereens… It’s the second time he has done it that I know of… And yes it was brand new this year! Yuk! Guess I’ll have to do a mouth guard check next year as hockey is over for him this year!

Kya’s 12U team is playing at Regionals this weekend. We found out yesterday they are rated 9th in the state. I didn’t even know that they rated 12U teams!

Sawyer’s iPhone crashed on the ceramic tile… FYI, the tile always wins.

20120228-060618.jpg It is quite amazing that it still works through the shattered glass. So sad his case was off when it crashed!

Well, that’s all for today! Hope you have an amazing day! Kris 🙂


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2 responses to “Snow Days and Smithereens!

  1. Kris ~ I love that you see the bright side and the artistic thing in everything! Hope your kids get a snow day. I bet they are a lot of fun to have around.

  2. Rhonda F

    Did You get a snow day? Love your piece, nice colors! And Sawyer has a great eye, just like his Mom!

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