Are You LinkedIn?

Just curious, are you LinkedIn?

Well I was, but I wasn’t really… I had no idea the power of LinkedIn or the vast variety of information available in so many areas. I was missing out.

I was prompted to create a profile quite some time ago when I received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. I halfheartedly created a profile and rarely went back, usually just to accept an invitation to connect.

In September I met Debbie Saviano at The Creative Connection. It was a joy to connect with her and she invited me to join a private group on Facebook. Last month when I went to the Dallas Gift Show, I had the amazing opportunity to reconnect with Debbie. She was overloaded with deadlines, however decided to find the time to meet up with me in Dallas and see my line of jewelry with Demdaco.

That week I had also started a new class by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols called Hello Soul, Hello Business. I was only a few days into the class but the class is based on a new revolution in business and it allowed me to look at my business in a new light and openness and fly toward possibility.

I wanted you to know a little more about Debbie, because I was so intrigued by what she does. It is because of Debbie that I am LinkedIn, and fully committed. I am excited to introduce you to Debbie Saviano.

She is savvy, brilliant and believes in helping others!

Here is her beautiful website. You can connect with her on LinkedIn Here.

During our conversation in Dallas, I asked about what she does. She explained to me that many artistic people may not have the business savvy required to connect themselves to the business world via LinkedIn… Her goal is to encourage soulful artistic people to present a strong presence to allow themselves to open up to potential business connections.

I asked her a few questions about LinkedIn… and here are her replies:

Can you describe Linked in for us?

LinkedIn is an On Line Social Platform for BUSINESS, Currently 145 Million Users

Business Professionals are IN Attendance with an Average Household Income of $88,000 +.

Business Professionals, Thought Leaders and Decision Makers are In Attendance. LinkedIn is the Future of Business as it offers doing Business Directly with the Targeted Buyers

Tell us why it is important to connect to others through Linked In?

If You are in a room with others then Conversation is the Key and Business Cards are Imperative.

LinkedIn offers an Audience that You would Otherwise NOT have an opportunity to ever meet.

The way people Shop / Do business is Changing Daily

Bloggers and Social Media have created a new Environment of wanting to Connect in an Authentic and Transparent Fashion

People are seeking to do business with People they Like, Trust and have a Relationship with in some way.

LinkedIn opens up the Doors to Establish that Relationship!

What is the single most important thing we can do for our online presence?

Set Yourself Apart from Others

Utilize Your Creative Talents to Connect with other Authentic Professionals

**There is an Art & Science to Engagement and Retention and I can provide the Guidance of Designing and Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Your Ideal Targeted Client

I help You Blend Your Creative and Spiritual Soul with the Strategies & Techniques of Utilizing LinkedIn for Business

How did you get started with Linked In?

My First Career was in Education as a School Principal of K-12th grades over the years. I Fell in Love with Social Media as it is another form of Connecting and Networking

After attending The Creative Connection Event in MN I met some Amazingly Talented Women and saw how effective LinkedIn could be for those Creative Souls.

Social Media is the Perfect Outreach and Extension of a Conference like the TCC. Women from across the Globe Attended the TCC and LinkedIn is the Business Platform that Continues the Conversation and Business Potential.

I would encourage you to join the world of LinkedIN! I hope you will connect with me… and Debbie. If you need help with your LinkedIN Profile, Debbie is in the business of helping you grow your business.
I totally believe the stars, sun, moon and universe were aligned that allowed us the opportunity to spend time together. Debbie is a dynamic individual and one of the things I love about her is her curiosity. She asked me some questions about my business that made me pause. Her curiosity and the new perspective on my business allowed me to realize that I wasn’t 100 percent following my authentic desire with my product line. After some discussion, Debbie grabs my arm and tells me there is someone “You NEED to meet.” We walk up to a showroom of a company I have long admired, we walk into the beautiful showroom, Debbie walks me up to the owner of the company and introduces me. She tells him, “Mr. W (sorry, can’t quite announce it yet), this is my friend Kris, she makes jewelry and you need to sell her jewelry!” I am quite certain I was blushing profusely, but Mr. W looked attentively at the jewelry I was wearing and asked if I could meet with his VP of Product Development in about an hour! I was flabbergasted!

The next thing he asked was if I had a portfolio with me of my work! Well Duh! I did not, UGH! But I did have a huge variety of photos on my phone… So I joyfully left with Debbie to go meet her sweet husband who was patiently waiting for her (They are so sweet together!) I frantically arranged my jewelry photos on my phone so they would not see the numerous family photos of my kids between jewelry! I am not sure I have ever been more nervous as I walked up to meet with them. Within a few moments, they were excitedly looking at my work and brainstorming products in addition to jewelry. I could not believe it. Their VP said to me… You have no idea how much jewelry I own and I have never seen anything like your jewelry! I am so humbled by the possibility.

I feel so much gratitude for Debbie for taking the time out of her incredibly busy life to connect with me… and for her curiosity and gumption to share my work … without expecting anything in return. She is a gift beyond measure. I am not sure how I could ever repay her…

Please say Hi to her for me!

I also encourage you to check out Hello Soul, Hello Business… just the first couple of days changed my entire perspective and future of my business!

Have a fantastic day!

πŸ™‚ Kris


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8 responses to “Are You LinkedIn?

  1. Hey Kris – I’m just off to connect with you on Linked In. I have a reasonable profile on there but realised it’s all for my corporate side business and there’s nothing on the creativity side! What a loon I am! Thanks for pushing me over there to fix it πŸ™‚

    I’ve just been browsing your jewellery – it’s really beautiful. Can’t wait to hear about your new opportunity and how it works out for you.

  2. Lori Ackerman

    I am so happy for you πŸ™‚

  3. Wow Kris! This is an incredible story. I believe it happened because you were open to the possibilities. All things were aligned and you were ready. I am unbelievably proud of you! I know how intimidating trade shows can be when you are there to display/sell. Good for you for keeping your cool. I think you’ve earned your wings ~ now soar!

  4. Thank you, Kris. I will work on this. I really need to refine my business goals and come up with a long range plan. I was feeling so overwhelmed because the techie side of things is my weak spot. I was hoping to find some professionals to advise me, and help me find the right kind of help. I so appreciate this! And soooo happy and proud of you! Have a blessed day!

  5. I’m signing up right now! Thanks Again!

  6. Very inspiring! And so exciting! Congrats, Kris! Well deserved!

  7. Hi Kris,
    Just wanted to send You a HUG all the way from Texas.
    Your words and Story above about our Journey made My Day!
    I am so very happy for You and agree with those Above “YOU are Going to FLY”!
    I would love to hear more about Your Business with the Soul Group Members. Some have Connected on LinkedIn so Lets Get the Conversation Going πŸ™‚ Hugs to You and May this Day be Full of Love, Hugs and Wonderful Success……

  8. Thanks, Kris. I also signed up for LinkedIn a while ago and then didn’t give it another thought. I’ll be linking to you ASAP!

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