Raging Dust Bunnies


I wish you could see the cool green of the vintage dimpled glass beads and the pearlescent sheen… They were intermixed with some bright beads on a broken necklace… They are so much more beautiful on their own wired into a floral design. Happy, so Happy!

District playoffs started last night and Keegan’s team had a heartbreaking loss in overtime, a losses that was induced by multiple penalties (three in the box) by players in our team leaving only three on the ice to defend our goal. The next game is at 2:00 today.

Chicadoodle’s team had a 5-1 win with Kya scoring the third goal. They play at 4:45… With just enough time between games for us to race 45 minutes across counties from one arena to the next!

Sawyer attended a dance last night and he was proud to tell us that he took fourth in the Limbo contest! Let’s just say he comes by that honestly! 🙂

For the first time in weeks we have had a morning of relaxation… In fact my two hockey players are still sleeping at 8 am! I have a fresh cup of coffee cuddled in a blanket, looking at my neglected home… Knowing that the hockey season is winding down and we can pick up the pieces and move on!

I choose not to feel guilty this morning as the dust bunnies rage at me from under the table…

I hope you can stare down your dust bunnies without guilt today, life is truly too short to worry about it!

And quoting from Pinterest… Make today ridiculously amazing!! 🙂 Kris


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3 responses to “Raging Dust Bunnies

  1. I have a 15 yr old grandson that would love to leave the warm weather of Central Texas to live where he could play hockey!

  2. The memories you are making are soooooo much more important than dust bunny eradication! I can almost promise you’ll they will still be there when Hockey season is over! Heeheehee!

  3. OK, I’m a “former Limbo Queen” so you hooked me in on that. I now clean my dustbunnies for exercise, but not often enough! You have more “live bunnies” in the house than me, so enjoy them while you can…dustbunnies are not nearly as loving and exciting!

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