It was a Nail Biter!


The necklace above was created with an element I found on my trip to Dallas. I fell in love with this flower and had to wire it up!

Gosh, the days have flown by this week… I never had the chance to update you about the weekend. Kya’s team had an amazing tournament. They won all three games of pool play (despite some embarrassing behavior by the parents of one of the teams… Two of their parents were kicked out for swearing and yelling at the refs. After the game was over, their parents were saying terrible things to our girls. Our girls were afraid to be in the lobby alone afterward. Our girls learned very important lessons on how not to act when you lose.)

Despite the poor sportsmanship, the girls had an amazing time and ended up in the championship game on Sunday. It was a nail biter of a game like I have never experienced before. The Girl’s were tied at the end of the third period, they played an 8 minute sudden death period and remained tied. It then went to a shoot out where three girls from each team try to score on the goalie. We were holding our breath because it is our goalie’s first year and she has not had that many one on one shots on goal. Each team scored one goal keeping the game tied! We then went on on one, one shot at a time on goalie… They shot first and our goalie had the save!!! Then we took a shot and we made it in winning the championship game! I have to say, it was a very exciting win!


A joyful weekend was had by all.

The weekend ahead starts playoffs do both Keegan and Kya… It is amazing that hockey is nearing the end of the season…

In a few days, I will start the giveaways! Have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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3 responses to “It was a Nail Biter!

  1. OOOH, so beautiful, I really love it!

  2. Hilary

    Wow! That does sound like a nail biter! Congrats! We head to Rochester for a volleyball tournament this weekend. Looking forward to the getaway!

    Cool rose!

  3. Your kids are so lucky to have such a passionate fan – their Mom!

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