Need A Big Spoon


Like millions of Americans, we watched the Superbowl last night. I am not sure how many of us watch it for the commercials, but growing up with sisters, we didn’t spend much time watching football.

I enjoy the creative aspect of the commercials, but to me it is a little sad how much money is spent on this game.

Irregardless, it was an entertaining evening. Sawyer cracked me up with his comment… “You know what you need for the Super Bowl Mom?”. “A Really Big Spoon!”.

Ba Dah Bom! Goofball!

I hope your evening was spent with family and friends and happy camaraderie! Have a FUNtastic day! Kris:-)



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2 responses to “Need A Big Spoon

  1. I didn’t have a team in the game this year, so I watched but not with as much interest as in some years. The necklace w/ the key is my new favorite!

  2. So nice you get to enjoy free comic relief!

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