X Marks The Spot


So last summer we were sitting poolside, chatting with friends. I was making jewelry while our kids were swimming.

Our friend Joel asks, “Don’t you ever poke yourself in the eye?”

I looked at him (possibly like he was a bit off his rocker) and replied, “Never.”

Wouldn’t you know that two minutes later the Karma “bit me” for the snide reply as I immediately poked myself in the eye!!! Lol

I learned a few things from that!

1. Hold the snide remarks.
2. Just because it hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean it won’t!
3. Don’t sit poolside with Joel, it’s dangerous! (JK Joel! Hee Hee!)

All kidding aside… My hands take a bit of a beating when I create. I use a flush cutters to cut my wire and with every snip, I have created not one, but two very sharp teeny weapons. 🙂


Take a peek at my “X marks the spot” injury! It cracked me up!

Oh well, No pain, no gain!


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2 responses to “X Marks The Spot

  1. Who knew you had such a dangerous career?

  2. Kris, must have been mental telepathy – hadn’t read this, but knowing the process, after your massive job production, I seriously had your hands on my mind…mincemeat? I hope not, but certainly a nice hand lotion massage would feel heavenly, I bet!!!

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