Fun-filled Days


Another jam-packed, fun-filled weekend included 1 swim meet, 5 hockey games and a volleyball scrimmage.



Sawyer did a great job of swimming and diving!

Kya’s team took 1st in Districts Friday night and yesterday Keegan’s team won the championship game of their home hockey tournament.


The photo above is Keegan’s team dog piling their goalie who pulled out an amazing game… I never heard the final shots in goal but in the first period it was 23 shots on our goalie and 1 on theirs. It was pretty consistent throughout the rest of the game and the win was the result of amazing work in the net!

I continued to burn the midnight oil creating and working toward my deadline.


I wish I could show you more of my work from the weekend…

I hope you have an amazing week!

Kris 🙂


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2 responses to “Fun-filled Days

  1. Hi Kris,
    Love the Combination of Family and Passion (Your Jewelry)
    Can just see You sitting there in the stands doing Your Magic with Wire 🙂

  2. I’m so excited to be able to see your treasures! It sure is great you can be working and watching the kid’s games at the same time!

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