Which One Are You?


If I haven’t referred to it before, you may have guessed by now that I grew up in a small Minnesota town… A town of about 3,000 people. My graduating class had 118.

I live about 15 miles from my hometown. I was filling my car with fuel and ran in to pay when I was asked this question, “Which one are you?”.
I paused for a moment (possibly a moment longer than comfortable) while I pondered a variety of replies…
A few smart Alec replies too! Lol
“The favorite”, nahhhh, funny, but they wouldn’t get it! “The Tom boy” Not so appropriate anymore. “The curly haired one”. Nope.

I settled for “The Middle”.

“Ahhhhh” she replied, “I knew one of you graduated with my brother.” “Yup, that was me!” Which led us into a cordial discussion before continuing on my way.

As I drove on down the road, I pondered future answers to a question that is sure to stop me in my tracks again.

It is interesting being from a small town with two sisters… Very few people could tell us apart in our teenage years, yet we were as different as could be. My poor Dad was highly outnumbered in our household and his fashion of duct taping holes in his shoes was highly ridiculed. He was incredibly patient with us and I can’t imagine how he did it with hormones running rampant. The thing that was sure to get under his skin was the incessant giggle attacks at the dinner table. One of us would giggle about something that was infectious and pretty soon you had three girls giggling uncontrollably… It probably didn’t help that it seemed even funnier when my Dad got perturbed. My poor sweet Dad put up with more than his share of teenage abuse.


Yesterday my kids were getting ready for school and I was in my favorite position cuddling on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a blanket… Relaxing in my pj’s and for the first time in weeks. Kya said, “Mom, you have to come here and take a picture of the sky!”

It was colorful indeed… The beauty seems to fill your spirit and could not have been a more perfect start to my day! My day was filled creating! Twelve earrings, four bracelets, a necklace and two rings. I brainstormed a few product ideas and created an “exciting to me” new product that my kids even said “Cool Mom!” I have to keep it under wraps for now, but will show you in the near future!

Today we are off on a hockey marathon, I can’t recall if I shared with you that my son Keegan is back on the ice and doing great after his surgery! So thankful! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers during that time!

And a big thank you for following, liking and subscribing to my blog, Facebook page & Pinterest. I always appreciate you being there to share my journey with! Have an amazing day!

Kris 🙂


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5 responses to “Which One Are You?

  1. Kris – so excited that you captured that sky. Beautiful! By the way, we grew up in very similar small Midwest towns.

  2. I can’t wait to see the new stuff! And the sky picture was beautiful. So sweet that Kya called you to photograph it. I love when they notice the beauty around them!

  3. Erika T

    Love the pic! I am gearing myslef to a whole weeend of creating 🙂 I’m trying some freeform beadweaving which is out of my comfort zone. I’m going to try practicing some wirework too 🙂 Have a great weekend. Cant wait to see your new ‘ideas’.

  4. Thanks for making me feel like a friend, warmly enough to have coffee with you in your pj’s. Have a blessed day, full of warmth from the sun, your family, and friends like me!

  5. Hi Kris! I love your posts. They make me feel like I sat down and visited with you briefly. I hope your enjoying your weekend;)

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