Creating Connections: Demdaco-Silvestri Dallas

Another quite amazing day, filled to the brim with amazing moments…

My wheels are spinning…

My day started with my friend Mary and I getting some “fuel” at the funkiest little coffee shop in Dallas called the Mercantile.


Mary and I met in 10th grade and became fast friends… It was such a joy to share this experience with her.

We returned to the show again and I was so honored to reconnect with my friend Debbie, a Dallas native who amazingly took time out of her incredibly busy schedule to come to the market, see my product and meet with me. I will be telling you more about Debbie in an upcoming post, she has a gift of helping people and shared her gift with me today. More on that later, but Debbie... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your time and your gift with me today.

Her sweet husband Phil took a photo of us at the market.


My dear friend Mary, was laughingly stripped of her jewelry and made a mad dash back and forth to the hotel for me to grab some of my original jewelry line to display while the shipment that had been missing on a pallet was located!

We enjoyed more shopping time and fabulous connections and headed to lunch to Wild Salsa. I must tell you that I absolutely needed another course of the chicken chipotle tacos before heading back home.


I had to share a photo of another light fixture from Wild Salsa… Created with empty bottles. Love the fantastic use of unusual materials. We found out today that an episode of Dallas was filmed here, a tv show from the 80’s that will be premiering with the grandchildren of the cast.


We had about an hour of relaxation before heading back to the market for the Artist Mingle. The Artist Mingle was filled with fun, meeting buyers from a variety of states, hard working reps and a great staff. It was a joy to meet other artists as well! We met Lisa Frost for the first time, she resides in Wisconsin.


She had the cutest outfit on. Her line is a whimsical holiday line, her talent is amazing.


My line looked fantastic, the display was slightly different from Dallas.




We returned to our hotel and turned in early as our alarm was set for 2 am this morning for our 5:30 am flight out of Dallas. It seems somewhat insane, but i am excited to arrive home before my kids get home from school. Not sure that it is technically a red eye flight, but I assure you that I have red eyes. 🙂

Make the most of the beautiful day ahead of you! 🙂 Kris


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5 responses to “Creating Connections: Demdaco-Silvestri Dallas

  1. So excited for you, Kris. Get some rest and then we need to be seeing more of you in our group!! Missing you.

  2. Looks like you had a great time in Texas!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing the whirlwind of excitement with us! BTW: You look amazing in the photos….I sure wouldn’t after a schedule like yours! Sleep well!

  4. So awesome! Are you pinching yourself? Fly baby, fly!

  5. crazy girls!! 2 a.m. you all need to really embrace hats and no makeup. I know, too hard!! 🙂 love you both!!

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