Happily in Texas: Demdaco/Silvestri Dallas


It has been quite an amazing week and I deeply thank you for all of your positive comments and feedback. My heart swells when I read your gracious comments.

This morning I am enroute to Dallas.

I apologize for not giving you the rest of the details on my trip to Atlanta… The week was a whirlwind… Amazing, rewarding and possibly addictive.

I have been to Atlanta before, but it has been many years. I forgot the how incredibly large the airport is… I had a warning from our friend Dave to hold on when you get on the tram and I sure was thankful for the warning… That baby rocks and rolls.

This was my first trip to Americas Mart and I had no idea of the sheer dynamic size of the mart. The mart is contained in 3 buildings that encompass 3 city blocks… The buildings range in levels upwards of 18-20 floors. Here is a photo of the fashion and accessory building in Atlanta.

I cannot believe the immensity of the mart and the thousands of products that are displayed. I can understand why people take days to shop there!


(ok… I started writing this yesterday morning before boarding my plane and never finished! I apologize! So today begins in Dallas!)


We were welcomed by the cutest Texas displays at the Dallas World Trade Center.


The untold secret at the markets are the cash and carry shopping available at many of the clothing and accessories stores. It is so much fun!!!

20120119-075436.jpg This is a snapshot of the interior of the world trade center.

My friend Mary and I had a blast giggling and shopping and exploring. After we closed the place down we went to the coolest Mexican restaurant.

The decor was fun…including the wall of bottles.


They had the most amazing chicken chipotle tacos… I could eat them bit breakfast, lunch and dinner! Mmmmm

Well we are off to market again this morning. Hopefully I will have the chance to share more photos from the Artist Mingle at the Demdaco/Silvestri showroom later on!

Have a fabulous day! 🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Happily in Texas: Demdaco/Silvestri Dallas

  1. Hey, I know that Dave! 😉 The shopping looks fabulous. Have a great time!

  2. Once again, I can’t tell you how excited I am for you and how much I appreciate you letting us in on the fun through the eye of your camera and your words!

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