Enroute to Atlanta


I am super excited… I am sitting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport waiting to board a flight to Charlotte, NC and then on to Atlanta. It is such an exciting and surreal day. It started a tad early for me with my alarm rudely waking me at 2:30 am… I quickly got over the shock as the excitement started to build. The only thing that could make it sweeter is having Tom and my kids traveling with me.


Here’s a quick photo of the necklaces I am wearing today. I am sporting the layered look today, well who am I kidding, I always do! Lol


In fact the agent at security said, you may want to remove your necklaces, otherwise it’s sure to alarm on you! I couldn’t help but smile… He didn’t know that there hasn’t ever been a time where I haven’t set off the alarms.

I look forward to posting updates of my travels. I hope you have an amazing day! 🙂 Kris


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5 responses to “Enroute to Atlanta

  1. So excited for you, Kris!

  2. I’ll be thinking about you Kris. Good luck!

  3. I’m almost jumping-out-of-my-skin excited for you, Kris. I so, so, so wish I could be there to share your special day!

  4. You must be there by now! Soooo happy you have your loved ones by your side…especially if you keep setting off alarms! You go girl!

  5. Love the jewelry! And I hope your trip is going well. !!

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