Live With Intention

Today is the Fly Tribe Word Hop… A number of us have chosen a word to guide our work this year. Find out more about the challenge here.


I struggled with selecting a word… Because it is such a huge amount of time to focus on a single word. Life changes quickly…

However I felt that the word I chose would allow me to adapt with the change that will come in the year ahead.


I selected intention. Often I will tell my kids to do something with intention. Walk with intention… purpose.

I plan on spending my time on my business with more intention… The same with my family and my life. To be in the present in each moment.


I believe that the more things we put in our plate full our lives with distraction… I am hoping to streamline my distractions this year. I have always been a big goal setter, yet I have rarely set a business goal with my jewelry. In hindsight, it is a little shocking to me.


I would love for you to check out the blogs of my friends on the link above!

Have you thought about your word for the year?

Have a fantastic day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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34 responses to “Live With Intention

  1. Great word from a great lady…I just KNOW 2012 is going to be a FABULOUS year for you!

  2. Here’s to a full year of grand intent!

  3. Thats one of my favorite words from the hop, i think its a brilliant one! Happy 2012 to you.

  4. Isn’t it funny how many of us somehow overlook setting goals for our deepest hearts desire, yet easily set them for things like money, weight and organization! lol I know I do! I think you have a great intention for a successful 2012 for your jewelry biz!!!

  5. I recognize those beauties! I like them posed on music. The swirls make me think of crescendo, especially on the silver one. πŸ˜‰

    Intention. That is a great word! I think it will be very fulfilling for you.

  6. Great word! I love the photos you used on the entry. Have a wonderfully creative 2012!

  7. Ah, such a powerful word for leading us down life’s path. I practice yoga, and at the beginning of every class, the instructor tells us to set an intention for our practice, for our day. It always helps to remind me to take a moment and do so. Kris, you are one wonderful and amazing woman. Good luck this year with your art biz, and thanks for sharing your intentions with all of us.

  8. Love your powerful word and your jewelry. Those are great pics! You are already on your way. Happy to be flying with you.

  9. A great word choice for the year Kris.

  10. This is such a powerful word! I learned from fellow flyer Rachel Payne the art of creating candle intentions! I have had so much fun creating intention candles in the last few weeks. They will help me keep the light of my intentions alive. Maybe you can make one for yourself as well and when you light it may you bring positive energy to all of your 2012 intentions!!

  11. Kathy May (@kathymaydesigns)

    Great word Kris!!! Wishing you a wonderful and successful 2012 filled with all of the joy a passion filled life has to offer!!!!!

  12. Kris, what a wonderful word for 2012. I LOVE the word intention and am cheering you on as your set intentions around your jewelry business for 2012. Your work is beautiful β€” and a great gift to the world. Happy to be flying with you in 2012! πŸ™‚

  13. I love your word Kris!!

  14. Wonderful choice! Good luck and happy blessings with your business. Love your creations!

  15. It’s a good thing to be able to live with intention instead of things just happening to us. I think we become more aware. Have a GREAT year!

  16. Great word Kris, I’m thinking of you this week and hoping all goes well in Atlanta….I’m such a fan of your work, and you!

  17. Your business is already so successful I can only imagine the success you will have if its is approached with intention. Cant wait to see whats next for you. Great Word!!

  18. houseofstars

    Hi Kris! I always love stopping by here to see what you’re creating! I look forward to watching your jewelry biz grow throughout 2012!

  19. I love the word intention and feel that you have expressed it so well. Living with intention and being present with every moment is so powerful and brings you into greater awareness.

  20. Intention is fantastic, Kris! I am similar with balance; trying to balance it and avoid the distraction. You’ll do just wonderful this year. Happy 2012!

  21. Intention is such a great word. To be consciece of what we want and how to achieve it is something many of us wish we could accomplish, rather than just let things happen randomly.

  22. Intention is such a great word! Living with intention and being present is so necessary. We often don’t do it enough. Thank you for the reminder. Happy 2012! xoxo

  23. Intention! What a powerful word for!!! Happy flying!!! πŸ˜‰

  24. INTENTION is very close to my own word choice, DELIBERATE. I hope it serves you well in 2012! xoxo

  25. I love your choice of words and the fact that you are choosing your life rather than just reacting to your life. Does that make sense? That is what living with intention says to me, anyhow… Thanks for sharing…

  26. edustory

    This is what helps us focus…that reminds me that I would like to write my intentions for the new year!

  27. Intention is a wonderful word. Not much matters if we aren’t giving it our attention. Wishing you all the best in 2012. And have a wonderful time showing off your beautiful jewelry in Atlanta!

  28. Intention is such a powerful word and one that I am trying to incorporate into my life – not just doing things on auto-pilot, but being intentional in all that I do. You have accomplished so much this year – no telling what you will be able to accomplish as you focus on “your” word in 2012.

  29. Intention – awesome word, very strong and decisive.

  30. Intention is a great word and hope it gets your attention in every aspect. Now, about your fantastic jewelry, its intention for 2012?

  31. Deirdre Rivera

    Good choice Kris!

  32. Rae

    Kris, great word! Intentions can be wonderful guides to help us choose our way and then keep us on course. Your year already has the ring of success. I hope that you can fully take in the many blessings that are headed your way. Rae

  33. Great word choice and thoughts behind it…

  34. I love your choice. I have no doubt that it will guide you well. Cheers!

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