Back To Our Regular Scheduled Program


I am amazed that the holidays have passed so quickly…

The past few weeks were filled with fantastic memories with family, an abundance of cooking, cleaning and even organizing! A much more relaxed schedule and even a nap on New Years Day!


I had some fun creating a series of necklaces with sea glass…


I have always loved inspiring words… They


Inspirational words have always helped me persevere through challenges.


So today we resume our regular schedule… Keegan’s progress has been amazing, he is walking without crutches, still favoring his left leg, but I am amazed at his improvement. I worry about his first day back to school, but he insists that he does not want to take his crutches along even if he gets fatigued. Determination! 🙂

I hope your day is filled with terrific memories of your holidays and you enjoy resuming your life before the hustle and bustle! 🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Back To Our Regular Scheduled Program

  1. So glad Keegan is getting back to his routine, and you too!

  2. Kris, your designs just continue to amaze me! So beautiful!

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