Treasured Keepsakes


I was commissioned by a friend to create a necklace using a treasured keepsake, a page from her friends Grandmother’s bible. It was an honor to create for her.


Things are settling down at home and I am starting to catch up on my sleep. Keegan is getting stronger every day, he is completely off the pain meds and just on occasional ibuprofen. I took him to watch his hockey team play a game 45 minutes away last night. It was fun for him to see his friends and it was fun for me to hear his commentary on the game. Not quite as much fun that I forgot to grab his jacket, my poor kid. We walked from our warm house into our heated garage & I was focused on getting him in the vehicle. To top it off, It was a cold arena. I had a blanket with and he fought a brave battle between between being “too cool” to have a blanket on and being comfortable! About halfway through the game I coaxed him into wearing the blanket. Not one of my best Mom moments, but we are certain to not repeat that mistake!

As we head toward the new year, I have one more Holiday event to look forward to. It is our year to host Tom’s family for Christmas. The only day without a hockey game is New Year’s Eve… And so we will be celebrating New Years and Christmas at the same time. I have quite a bit of prep to take care of for our family of 30 so you won’t be seeing much creative coming from my part of the world for a few days.

I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and are enjoying some much needed rest!

🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Treasured Keepsakes

  1. Kris, so happy that your son is recovering so well. And those Mom slip-ups — well, they have happened to all of us. Somehow I managed to get three children to adulthood even with all my slip-ups. I love the necklace you created — what a treasure!

  2. I am glad to hear Keegan is doing so well! Also the neklace you made for your friend is wonderful!

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