And To All A Good Night

It has been four days since my last post, I have to admit it seems more like a month of events happened during that time.


The surgery went well, thankfully Keegan did not swell like the last time, so we were very relieved. They added the plate and screws to his knee, but we’re unable to retrieve the screws from his ankles. They tried pretty hard on his left ankle, but in the end the Dr felt like it would do more harm than good at this point to remove so much bone.


Gram & Gramps made a dream come true for Keegan on his surgery day when Grandma called him to share that she had a surprise for him when he got home, an Xbox 360. He was so excited and it was helpful to remind him throughout the challenging events he faced. Our evening in the hospital was share by our Niece and her husband Brad & Sarah. They treated Keegan like royalty.


The nursing staff was amazing… So helpful and nurturing. We also had a little jewelry shopping in our room when we arrived. They noticed my jewelry the day before at the preop appt. and asked me to bring some of my jewelry. 🙂 it was so much fun sharing my work with them!


Keegan came home on crutches with one leg bandaged rather than two. I think the recovery would have been so much harder with both legs bandaged. We had another huge success in that Keegan is having NO trouble sleeping and we are pretty certain that the culprit in the past two surgeries was vicodin! His past two surgeries were followed by severe sleeping difficulty. For approximately 6 months after his first surgery he could only sleep 2-3 hours per night. The second surgery it started as soon as we got home and after a day or two I started researching the pain meds and found that Vicodin has that reaction with some people. We requested no Vicodin this time and he is sleeping like a dream!

He amazes me on a daily basis… So many times he thanked me for helping him… Adjust his legs, sleep on the floor by him, wake him up every 2 hours for his pain meds, rub his toes to help with the cramping. I totally appreciate his gratitude and am so proud of him in this journey.


I wanted to share a holiday tradition that we started in 2000, when Kya was just a few weeks old


We created a family tablecloth that appears at many holidays that we sign each year using permanent markers.(place a book or magazine to prevent bleeds).


We write a note of gratitude, memory or trace hands, draw a little picture… Whatever speaks to use. We treasure notes from our two Grandmas who have now passed… Admire the tiny handprints and read our notes of the past eleven years.


It’s not fancy, but it is a family treasure…


I hope you have enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones… Happy Holidays My Friends! 🙂 Kris

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  1. I am so happy that Keegan is doing so well, and LOVE the tablecloth! Whay a treasure!

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