And The Winners Are…


5 hockey games, 4 orders completed, 3 kiddos sleeping, 2 Boys Choir Concerts, and a cat in the Chriiiist-mas Treeeeeee ( well, my artificial upside down tree…. We don’t actually have our real tree yet. )

The race continues as I will need to be ready for Christmas by Tuesday Eve as Keegan’s Surgery is on Wednesday morning. I am so proud of him. He shared with me that he is not even scared yet. I asked him if he wanted me to share his caringbridge site with you. We created it as a way to keep family and friends informed of his surgery and recovery when he was 9, we had no idea how helpful it would be over that challenging week in the hospital. We will be updating it as we go and hopefully it will all go smoothly and he will not have severe swelling like he did the last time they put a plate in. I read through my old journal entries trying to find the cause of the swelling and blisters that covered his arm. I cannot find any explanation for it in my notes or in any of the records. The nurse was wondering if he had an allergic reaction to something topical during the prep. All I remember was that they could not control his pain and it is the most grueling feeling to see your child suffer. Keegan’s site is here.

Well, enough on that topic, I had a drawing from my open house for the first item from my new line with Demdaco/Silvestri… I am sorry, I
We couldn’t just draw one… We drew two names! Actually Keegan drew… It was official, I stirred the container of names and he drew without looking, twice!

And the Winners Are:


The Fabulous Kerry Peterson!!!



The Fantastic Melissa Brown!

I am so excited for you! You will each receive a piece from my new line as soon as it arrives! I will let you know when it arrives!

I hope you enjoy your day! Kris

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  1. Will keep you all in my prayers this week….have a wonderful Christmas, and keep the faith….

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