This Little Light of Mine…


Last night was the annual Christmas program, six short years ago Kya one one of the tiniest children in the program… The preschool is always a highlight when they sing.

I look at the masses of children and think about the hours spent primping & curling…


Every precious hair on their head… Until they smile with happiness…


oops… No, like this…


Well, not quite like that…


Yes… Like this!

This chickie has even more happiness in her heart thanks to Grandma…

Her happiness was visible in her excitement to arrive for the program…

She grudgingly paused for a moment for a photo in the beautiful outfit and adorable shoes Gram let her pick out…


Well the truth of the matter is Awesome Gram let her pick out two dressed because she couldn’t decide between the two! Thanks Grandma… You made this Chick-a-doodle’s evening perfect!


And the finale of the evening was the entire school singing “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine”… With the lights dimmed and waving their tiny battery operated candles in the air… You can’t get any more joyful or appropriate than that!

I hope your day is filled with hundreds of tiny lights… Lighting up your day! 🙂 Kris

20111216-063348.jpg<br /


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2 responses to “This Little Light of Mine…

  1. How sweet, Kris. Your daughter is beautiful — definitely a shinning light.

  2. Very sweet, and very ‘Tis the season’. Y’all enjoy….

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