Rusty Love


I created a little bit of Rusty Love last night…


Had a little trouble photographing it… not quite enough light for my photos today…


It’s a bit foggy and dreary out. I normally have natural light to help with lighting…


My photo cube looks a little sad by the window…


I added some ribbon, I haven’t added ribbon for a while, it felt a little more festive.


Hope your day is bright & sunny regardless of the weather!


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2 responses to “Rusty Love

  1. You have such a wonderful style….interesting to see your photo set up. I got a bigger one as some of my pieces are way too large to photo in a cube, but I am jealous 🙂 cuz yours don’t take up sooooo much room! Your photos are so nice. I am trying to learn how so I can get my online shop open. Boy am I slow. How long have you been doing the photography of your work?

  2. Thanks Rhonda, so much for your compliments! I really appreciate it! I have been photographing my work for the past 3-4 years… I finally feel like I know what makes better photos even though I don’t always have that available to me. I truly appreciate your compliments! I have spent hours experimenting, I would love to have a larger photo cube, but the small one is convenient! Thanks Rhonda!

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